May 18, 2009

Water pollution in Buriganga

The capital of bangladesh Dhaka situated on the bank of the river Buriganga.The water of Buriganga is polluting by Industial waste and capital sewage which cause her to become biologically dead.

Tannery west mainly contaminating the river.Around 20,000 cubic meters of untreated highly toxic liquid waste flow in to the Buriganga through canals on a recent report.

of the Department of Environment (DoP).This tanneries are mainly situated in Hazaribug few km away from capital.Due to over pollution of surface water ground water of Hazaribug getting polluted.The water of Shitalakhya is beyond purification.The contamination of Buriganga threatenfd the existance of three other rivers Turag, Balu & Shitalakhya.
A proposal to solve the problem:
  • Set up the authority giving high power.
  • Law enforcer must be awar
  • Set up ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant)
  • relocation of tannery industry

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  1. i want a details or articles about pollution in Buriganga river.