May 18, 2009

The use of fertilisers in Cultivation and its effect.

Farmers use fertilizers which contains nutrients to maintain productivity.Plants need nutrients carbon dioxide (CO2)and water (H2O)for photosynthesis.Micro nutrients are needed in very small amounts.When plants are harvested the nutrients are removed with them.In a natural ecosystem the plants would eventually die and decay, with the nutrients being returned to the soil.Farmers can use organic fertilizers or inorganic fertilizers.
  1. Manufactured e.g. ammonium nitrate.
  2. Has concentrated amounts of macro nutrients.
  3. More easily leached from the soil.
  4. Can be applied in smaller amounts as it is concentrated.
  5. Easy to handle and spread on the fields.

  1. Animal manure, sewage sludge.

  2. May contain important micro nutrients.

  3. Adds organic matter which improves soil structure.

  4. Manure is a good way of recycling the manure produced on mixed farms.

  5. Smelly.

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