May 15, 2009

The pollution of rivers by Industrial Wastages

The atmosphere, rivers, lakes and underground stores hold less than 1% of all the fresh water and this tiny amount has to provide the fresh water needed to support the Earth's population. This water is mainly polluting by this.

a) Fertilisers
b) Industrial Waste
c) Oil Pollution
d) Warm Water

The pollution of rivers by Industrial Wastages

In both developing and developed country industrial wastages polluting the river.Its become a matter of concern how to get rid of this problem.In most of the case the wastage management system in the industry is very poor.The industrialist don’t think about the natural digester caused by them.Its true that for the prosper of mankind industry is essential.We have no alternate of it but proper management of the wastage can be a solve of this problem.

The following articles will prove my words.

Pollution turns Chinese river red

Water supplies to about 200,000 people in central China have been contaminated by pollution, which has turned branches of a major river system red. State media reported high levels of chemicals in the water.The Xinglong, Tianguan and Dongjing rivers were all affected by the pollution, according to the state news agency Xinhua.A chemical spill is thought be the cause, but the source has not yet been identified and an investigation has been launched.

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