May 18, 2009

Dhaka city become Poisonous gas chamber

Picture of  Dhaka Street
Dhaka city is turning again into a poisonous gas chamber causing serious threat to public health. According to a media report, pollution of air in the city with toxic particles has exceeded permissible limits in some areas. In some case its exceed the limit of toxic particles used in the gas chamber in Second World war(!).The main toxic particles present in air is led(Pb) ,Carbon monoxide (CO) ,Hydrocarbons (HC),Oxides of nitrogen (NOx), NO2,Diesel emits suspended particulate matter (SPM) which contains shoot. Shoot is responsible for reduction of atmospheric visibility and absorb and carry organic compound to lungs. This particles are dangerous threat to the human life.Air is polluted mainly from exhaust of cars and of course from industries.

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