May 28, 2010

Saving electricity in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is now facing a serious crisis of "electricity shortage". Various measures are being taken to save electricity. However, if we take the following measures we can save a considerable amount of power:
1. BILLBOARDS - It has been observed that a large number of billboards in Dhaka city are using electric lights at night. This should be stopped immediately to conserve power.
2. SHOP SIGNBOARDS - A large number of shops keep their signboard lights on throughout the night, although the shops are now closed at 7:00 pm. All shopkeepers should be advised to put off the lights at 7:00pm.

3. COMMUNITY HALLS- In many areas of Dhaka there are community halls which are used for wedding and other parties. These halls use a large number of decorative electric bulbs. It should be stopped immediately.
4. HOTELS - Some big hotels of Dhaka are using decorative lights to illuminate their premises for special occasions. This should be stopped for the time being.

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