October 5, 2009

Effect of Carbon dioxide in global worming

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas. It is produced both naturally and through human activities, such as burning gasoline, coal, oil, and wood.The carbon dioxide itself can cause headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.CO2 plays an important role in the energy balance of our planet: It acts like a blanket over the planet by trapping long-wave radiation, which would otherwise radiate heat away from the planet . CO2 in the atmosphere will remain for a very long time, of the order of thousands of years.

To alleviate global warming, the emission of greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide (72%),18% Methane and 9% Nitrous oxide (NOx) must be reduced.see effect of global worming in natural life.
It is seen that Carbon dioxide emissions therefore are the most important cause of global warming.The emissions of CO2 have been dramatically increased within the last 50 years and are still increasing by almost 3% each year.

Only 2° C temperature increase due to global warming will cause a serious effect on the environment. The world-wide average CO2 emissions by capita was about 4 tons per year in 2005. For North America it was about 20 tons and for Europe about 10 tons per year per capita.By 2050, the world-wide average CO2 emission per capita needs to be reduced to 2 tons per year.the annual global CO2 emissions have to be reduced from about 28 Gigatons in 2006 to 20 Gigatons of CO2 by the year 2050 and to 10 Gigatons of CO2 by the year 2100 according to IPCC for alleviate global warming.To fulfill this goal people in industrialised nations will have to cut down their carbon dioxide emissions to values reaching 10% to 20% of the current values.The first step can be a reduction of our energy consumption in green way.For example using pollution free Hybrid vehicle .

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