July 5, 2009

Steps to reduce Plastic pollution

A lot of plastic products are produced annually. Obviously quite a lot of that material goes into landfill and small quantities are recycled. However quite substantial amounts do enter the environment as litter or debris. It's estimated that about eight million items of litter go into the sea every day, and much of that is plastic. Most of this plastic in sea found floating on the surface.

The following steps may be helpful for reduce Plastic pollution:

1.Take no plastic bags from the grocer’s shelf.

2.Refuse plastic bags at the check-out counter.

3.Don’t buy plastic sandwich bags.

4.Buy beverages in sustainable containers.

5.Buy fresh produce in Mother Nature’s wrappers (shell, rind, husk, etc.).

6.Give up Tupper Ware and related products.

7.Make a habit of thinking about what comes with each thing that you buy.

8.Make a habit of thinking more in general.

Last i want to say that Plastic causes serious damage to environment both during its production and disposal. So the only way to reduce the hazards of plastic is to reduce the use of plastic and thereby force a reduction in its production.

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  2. one small way to reduce plastic waste on landfills is by putting used toner cartridges to recycling programs whether paid or free.

    Toner cartridges have plastic content and a whole lot of other chemicals that make it non-biodegradeable.

    By recycling them, they do not end up in landfills.