June 25, 2009

Cause of Land pollution

Contaminating the land surface of the Earth through dumping urban waste matter indiscriminately, dumping of industrial waste, mineral exploitation, and misusing the soil by harmful agricultural practices causes Land pollution.

Land Pollution Comprises Of Solid Waste and Soil Pollution.

Solid Waste:

Some of the sources of solid waste that cause land pollution are:

1.Wastes from Agriculture

2.Wastes from Mining

3.Wastes from Industries

4.Solids from Sewage Treatment



Soil Pollution:

Soil pollution is mainly due to chemicals in herbicides (weed killers) and pesticides (poisons which kill insects and other invertebrate pests). Litter is waste material dumped in public places such as streets, parks, picnic areas, at bus stops and near shops.soil pollution results from:

* Unhealthy methods of soil management.
* Harmful practices of irrigation methods.

Land pollution is caused by farms because they allow manure to collect, which leaches into the nearby land areas. Chemicals that are used for purposes like sheep dipping also cause serious land pollution as do diesel oil spillages.

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  1. Land pollution is caused by too much garbage that are being thrown away carelessly by humans. Lots of dumping sites are getting too crowded.