June 18, 2009

Cause of Arsenic Pollution

Arsenic is an element found in geological formations, particularly in granites also containing copper and tin. As long as the arsenic remains bound in the granite, it causes no problems to people. But in certain conditions, natural weathering of the granite occurs and the arsenic is released into the ground water. Hydrogeologist say that in Bangladesh, the weathering occurs deep in the ground where no oxygen is present and where the sediments contain high concentrations of arsenic-rich iron hydroxides.

To provide microbiologically safe drinking water to 97% of the population more than 3 million tube wells used in Bangladesh.
But now tubewells have generated a new health problem. Arsenic poisoning now noticed on the tube wells. . One tubewell may contain high levels of arsenic while a nearby tubewell in the same village may be free of arsenic. . According to the experience of Taiwan, people in Bangladesh are at higher risk of cancers of the skin and internal organs.

Possible cause of Arsenic Pollution:

1. Arsenic-based pesticides used in agriculture.
2. Natural weathering.
3. Mining, smelting, pesticide spraying and coal burning.

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