May 21, 2009

Pollution from pesticide and effect on Health

More than 47% of farmers in Bangladesh use more pesticides than needed to protect their crops, according to a recent survey of 820 boro (winter rice), potato, bean, eggplant, cabbage, sugarcane and mango growers.
Among them more than 87% freely admit to using little or no protective measures while applying pesticides.
54% of the traders report frequent health symptoms commonly associated with acute pesticide poisoning.
92% freely admit that they don't take any protective measures while handling pesticides.The improper use of this pesticides cause serious pollution in water.This pesticides mix to the surface and underground water.After a short circle it comes to our body causes health damage.

The indiscriminate use of agricultural pesticides has created very serious health and environmental problems in many developing countries. Worldwide, one to five million farm workers are estimated to suffer pesticide poisoning every year (WHO, UNEP) and at least 20,000 die annually from exposure, many of them in developing countries.

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