May 23, 2009

Global worming and its effect.

The earth's climate is constantly changing. This is not a part of the normal cycle of events on this planet. Most scientists agree that there are drastic changes occurring that are due to unnatural global warming. The weather is getting decidedly warmer. For the most part, the United States has already warmed up some. In some places, the average rise in temperature is around four degrees Fahrenheit. Ice is melting due to worming
However, all the states show some degree of warming. Because of global warming, storms are becoming more destructive. While there have certainly been droughts, rainfall totals have risen in the past century.The number of times it rains in a year has increased during the last 50 years due to global warming. This effect is not a zonal effect.It will suffer all of us.The main cause of global worming is said to be the increase of environmental polution occure by the industries and other CFC(Cloro Floro Carbon),CO2(Carbon Die Oxide)generator devices.
Due to this the ice of Antertica is melting as a result the hight of water level of see is increasing day by day. You can get more about this by clicking this link.

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